I just left a dollar tip on a thirty dollar bill and I don’t feel bad about it. The waitress started ignoring us because we were taking a break and hadn’t ordered anything in a bit. I thought about ordering something else, but you took so long to come back over that I just asked for my check.

After asking for my check you took almost ten minutes to come back with it. You then took another ten minutes to collect my check and credit card even though I had it ready when you came by the first time. After you took my check you took almost another ten minutes to come back with my credit card.

I am not a bad tipper, and I almost always tip twenty percent or more. But if you choose to ignore me because I haven’t ordered anything in a little while, or take forever to bring my check, take my card, and bring it back; your tip starts to decrease very quickly.

I realize waitresses do not make very much, usually around $2.65 per hour, but it’s not my obligation to make up for your wage with a mandatory tip. A tip is there to let you know how satisfied I am with your service, and if I’m not satisfied you’re not going to get a good tip.

I actually take a different approach than most people with my tipping as well. Say the kitchen screwed up my order, or the bar tender messed up my drink. I’m going to tell you what was screwed up, but I’m not going to take it out on your tip. That is as long as you apologize and make it right, because let’s be honest the bar tender or cook isn’t going to come apologize for themselves.

Like I said I tip to let you know if I’m satisified or unsatisfied with your service. Generally I do not have a problem and I tip twenty percent or more. However, if I’m unsatisfied with your service you’re probably going to get a dollar, maybe even less. I do this because I want you to do better next time. If you’re bad at your job it should be reflected in your tip, plain and simple. This is actually a pretty nice approach, considering I didn’t tell the manager you did a bad job. If I’m bad at my job I either get talked to, written up, or possibly even fired depending on the severity.

So remember this the next time you choose to ignore a table because they haven’t ordered anything in a while.