According to the Keto community and Urban Dictionary: When dieters go from weighing two or three hundred pounds down to 199 or less, they have reached Onederland.

I have been following the Keto diet since January 8, 2018, with a few small breaks in between then and now. Today marks roughly 28 weeks of Keto and a weight of 197.7lbs, Onederland at last!  I do not have a good starting weight, but according to my doctor’s office, my heaviest weight last year was 254lbs, this means I have lost around 56lbs.

I am planning to continue my Keto journey until my birthday on August 5th. I am planning to take the month of August off and see if I’ve developed enough healthy eating habits to keep the weight off without being so restrictive. August 5th is also my birthday, and who isn’t going to eat cake on their birthday? The biggest things I’ve learned through this process are that I do not need to have so many snacks throughout the day. I do not need to have 2nds and 3rds at dinner, I am fully satisfied with a single serving. I do not need to have full sugar soda, I am perfectly fine with either zero or diet. I have definitely not given up my soda addiction as a part of this process.

The journey has been long and difficult. I really like bread and most other carb-ridden things. But who doesn’t? I don’t like fish, so my diet has basically consisted of the same couple of food groups for 7 months. Lots of eggs, chicken, steak, bacon, salads, and bunless burgers. Eating out has been hard, as a lot of local Grand Rapids restaurants do not offer items that are Keto friendly without modification. I know a lot of people in the kitchen/service industry so I try not to be difficult or ask for too many customizations.

For the first time in a long time I can say I weigh less than 200lbs and my blood pressure is normal. I feel so much better too! My mood is improved, I am sleeping better (for the most part), and I have more energy during the day (no more after work naps). I am still overweight and I would like to get down closer to 160-170, but I feel this is doable considering the great progress I have already made.

If eating a standard American diet in moderation does not continue to help me lose weight, I will just have to accept the fact that my body was designed for Keto. I am also planning to incorporate more exercise, which is something I have always been terrible at. All of my current weight loss is pretty much exercise free.

I will see where August takes me. With my birthday and a good friend’s wedding one weekend after another, there will probably be some overindulging, but that will no longer be the norm.

For now, I am signing off and I will see what August and September bring me.

Here are some progress pictures I found:

May 18th, 2017
July 4th, 2017
April 6th, 2018
June 7, 2018
July 13th, 2018

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