Car Insurance

Car insurance stresses me out. I also don’t think it should be required. You aren’t required to carry health insurance, so why are you required to carry car insurance?

I got my car insurance bill a week or so ago and my premium has gone up roughly 100 dollars. I have no idea why, and an explanation is hard to come by. I haven’t changed, my car hasn’t changed. I’m getting older, and so is my car, my insurance should be going down.

After roughly 1,000 emails with my insurance agent, I think I finally have it straightened out. So sick of having to shop around for car insurance every 6 months. Why can’t we be rewarded for being long term customers?


A first…

Yesterday was a first for me. I went out to breakfast… by myself. I always thought going out to eat by myself would be weird. Going out to eat is always regarded as a social experience with two or more people. But I gotta say going out by myself was kind of fun. I didn’t have to socialize, I didn’t have to hurry, and I got to people watch as much as I wanted.

Next weekend I might even try going to a movie, in a theater, by myself. That should be an interesting experience.

Facebook Turns Ten

Hard to believe facebook is ten today, feels like I just joined yesterday. For their ten year anniversary they created “look back” videos for everyone. The video is pretty simple, shows your first moments, most liked posts, and photos you’ve shared. While simple they are very cool, I especially enjoy seeing my friend’s videos. Brings back a lot of memories. Some happy, some sad, some funny.

View your own video at:

Blogging Again

Inspired by my friend Jacqui I’ve decided to try and pick this thing up again. She taught me through her own blog that it doesn’t matter what you write, as long as you write something.

Whether it’s short, sweet, and to the point, or long and drawn out. Just write something. There’s no need to feel bad if you don’t post every day, this isn’t a place to be judged. This is for me, and no one else.