Presidential Election 2016

My thoughts on this election are not based on whether Trump or Hillary won, but rather all the hate and venom that is being thrown around. We have families disowning members because of who they chose to vote for. There are decade long friendships ending over who is “right” and who is “wrong.” I cannot wrap my head around not loving someone because of who they chose to vote for. This hate makes me sick to my stomach and I have been nauseous all day reading/hearing what “family” and “friends” are saying to one another.

Even if you’re not a person of faith I believe love thy neighbor should still be a core value. I cannot continue to watch this hate unfold and would swear off the Internet completely if not a requirement for my job. That being said, I think I need to take a good long break from social media. I will continue to be reachable by phone, email, postcard, etc, and I am here for anyone who wants to talk. I do not choose my family or friends based on who they decided to vote for.