My boss is awesome!

So as anyone with a calendar knows, today is Sunday. My boss does not work Sundays, he works Monday thru Friday. Perks of being the boss right?

My boss called work today to see how everything was going, he was bored as no one in his house was awake yet. I let him know that everything was going fine, and that we were having a typical Sunday, Sundays are almost always slow. He asked what he should do today, and I jokingly told him that he should bring us breakfast. His reply was “Sure, I’ll bring you guys breakfast. What do you want?” I quickly queried the room to see if anyone else wanted breakfast, and what they would like to eat. We decided breakfast burritos were quick and easy.

So roughly 20 minutes later, the boss walks in with a bag from McDonald’s. Inside the bag were several sausage breakfast burritos, and hash browns. I appreciated this very much, as I was quite hungry. Also, it’s always those nice little things that remind you that you’re still an appreciated employee.